• 3rd floor, Ammar Centre, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • +92 (51) 2653 555


  • RS570

    Honey Wings

  • RS560

    Buffalo Wings

  • RS590

    Crispy Chicken Strips


The Meatiest, Juiciest & Yummiest Burgers at Burnout, We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.

  • RS699

    Zinger Burger

  • RS699

    Crispy Chicken Burger

  • RS699

    Catmouse Burger

  • RS699

    The Smoke Burger

  • RS760

    Burn Out Special Beef Burger Special

Chicken Specialties

  • RS1050

    Supreme Chicken

  • RS1050

    Parmesan Chicken

  • RS1050

    Italian Chicken

  • RS1050

    Jelapeno Chicken

  • RS1050

    Signature Chicken

  • RS1050

    Chicken Buranase

  • RS1050

    Delux Stuff Chicken


If you need a cocktail, look no further. we have an influx of famous cocktails at Burnout

  • RS340

    Burn Out Special Special

  • RS340


  • RS340


  • RS340


  • RS340


Coffee & Tea

Every cup of our coffee & tea can be counted upon to provide consistently better flavor – We don’t make a “great coffee & tea” claim unless it really is!

  • RS199

    Milk Tea

  • RS150

    Green Tea

  • RS399


  • RS400

    Flavoured Coffee

  • RS420

    Cafe Late

  • RS370

    Black Coffee

Creamy Shakes

Easy Creamy Shakes, a variety of Strawberry, Banana or Chocolate & Vanilla. Perfect for parties and a hit with the family too!

  • RS340


  • RS340


  • RS340


  • RS340



Whether you crave sweet, savory, decadent or healthy, we have the delicious & yummiest desserts to satisfy your taste buds.

  • RS480

    Melton Lava Cake with Ice Cream

  • RS460

    Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream


  • RS199

    Soft Drink Regular

  • RS210

    Soft Drink Diet

  • RS370

    Red Bull

  • RS220

    Fresh Lime

  • RS99

    Mineral Water Small

  • RS149

    Mineral Water Large


  • RS385

    Fresh Seasonal Juice


  • RS425

    Caesar Chicken Salad

  • RS430

    Grilled Chicken Salad


  • RS699

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • RS699

    Club Sandwich


  • RS999

    Fish & Chips

  • RS999

    Lemon Butter Fish

  • RS999

    Thai Fish

Side Order

  • RS450

    Plain Fries

  • RS440

    Masala Fries

  • RS460

    Garlic Mayo Fries

  • RS250

    Bake Patato

  • RS270

    Mash Patato

Slashy Lemonade

  • RS250

    Simple Lemonade

  • RS299

    Flavoured Lemonade


  • RS299

    Chicken Corn Soup

  • RS280

    Thai Chicken Soup

  • RS295

    Hot & Sour

Spaghetti & Pasta

Not just any Spaghetti & Pasta. we make the best of them in the world! Normally you won’t feel like having a belly full of pasta.

  • RS850

    Fettuccine Tuna Carbonra

  • RS850

    Chicken Alferado Backed Ziti

  • RS850

    Penne Arbiata

  • RS860

    Burn Out Special Spaghetti Special


The Perfect Juicy & Delicious steaks are the best cuts of a quality beef, cooked as per your liking, to be an exquisitely juicy meal at Burnout Cafe.
  • RS1060

    Mashroom Steak

  • RS1060

    BBQ Steak

  • RS1060

    Perpetal Delight Steak

  • RS1060

    Altreat Steak

  • RS1060

    Pepper Steak

  • RS1099

    Burn Out Special Steak

Thai & Chinese

The exotic taste of the Thai & Chinese cuisine is available to you in a wide range of dishes served. Eat, as nobody is watching.
  • RS850

    Chicken Chilli Dry

  • RS885

    Beef Chilli Dry

  • RS799

    Chicken Minchorian

  • RS750

    Chicken Vegetable