• 3rd floor, Ammar Centre, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • +92 (51) 2653 555

Burn Out

Restaurant & Cafe, 3rd floor, Ammar centre, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, Pakistan

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • RS 1050

    Parmesan Chicken

  • RS 1050

    Jelapeno Chicken

  • RS 1050

    Supreme Chicken

  • RS 999

    Lemon Butter Fish

  • RS 850

    Chicken Alferado Backed Ziti

  • RS 860

    Burn Out Special Spaghetti Special

Celebrate Your Birthdays

Welcome and farewell parties, Gigs, Get-together & more because we provide best decoration in Islamabad

What Our Clients Say


Once again excellent experience. ..!!!
One of the best cafe in the town 
Excellent quick service
Love it.

Hassan Ch

The place i’m in love, most favorite cafe.

Izza Khan

Over all it was a good experience and bravo for the molten lava brownie.

Sharjeel Bin Tayyab

Comfortable place; great work… Buzzzzzzz burraah love it

Anam Virk

Lovely place enjoyed alot with friends.

Hoor Zahra

Best place of my Life… awesome Food.. Good Environment

Summan Sohail Sheikh

It was best place I ever visit. Food, environment, music everything was perfect.

Aliza Malik

Awesome place , great ambiance , good behavior of staff , very neat and clean environment !!! 

Nida Abal

Awesome place and good environment.

Numra Abrar

Good relaxing place. Give the feeling of a night club without any club activities. Good soup and steaks. Don’t ask for coffee. Sheesha available. Interior setting is awesome if you are a car lover. All the seats and interiors have something to do with an automobile brand or part. Price is average.

Mohamed Alyar Iffthikar

Call Us: +92 (051) 2653 555

Random Dishes

Burgers & Sandwiches

  • RS 699

    Catmouse Burger

  • RS 699

    Crispy Chicken Burger

  • RS 760

    Burn Out Special Beef Burger Special

  • RS 699

    Zinger Burger

  • RS 699

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • RS 699

    The Smoke Burger